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E-Commerce Fulfillment for Minneapolis Brands

If you're looking for a fulfillment company near you that is agile and dedicated to your success, look no further! Sherpack is the premier fulfillment partner for e-commerce companies in Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area.

fulfillment for minneapolis ecommerce companies

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are a Midwestern company with Midwestern values. While we provide e-commerce fulfillment services to companies nationwide, we have a soft spot for Midwestern brands like ourselves. Our team works diligently to make fulfillment for your Twin Cities company seamless and fast. Not to mention we’re in the ideal location for shipping to both the East and West coasts.

Whether your brand utilizes Shopify, WooCommerce, Square, Magento, Big Cartel, or another big brand ecommerce fulfillment platform, our warehouse management system software will integrate seamlessly to make for easy, streamlined fulfillment.

To streamline your retail fulfillment and 3PL warehousing processes further, you’ll be paired with a Trail Guide who will act as your single point of contact at Sherpack. Your Trail Guide will know everything there is to know about your account and the fulfillment process we develop to ensure we are exceeding your expectations.

Ready to learn more about using Sherpack for all of your needs for 3PL fulfillment in Minneapolis, MN? Contact us today to request a quote or more info.

Warehouse Fulfillment Services in Minneapolis, MN

With our warehouse fulfillment services in Minneapolis, MN, you can easily stock your businesses products in our facility. Our team will manage, fulfill your orders, and ship them out directly to your customers. We can ship out to anywhere across the country.

Kitting Services in Minneapolis, MN

From gift sets to customized bundles, we can kit them and ship them out! Our kitting services in Minneapolis, MN, involves picking, packing, and assembling your products into a bundled package that’s ready for shipment. Our clients love our kitting services because it allows them to save on labor costs and shipping fees. Best of all, it allows your customers to try out products they wouldn’t have otherwise ordered.

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