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How to Provide Customers with the Best Ecommerce Unboxing Experience

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There’s a reason unboxing videos have become some of the most popular posts on social media: People get a visceral thrill from discovering something new, especially something new that they want – even if it is secondhand.

For companies and brands looking to maximize their online presence, unboxing videos can be a powerful tool. Most growing companies would love to see unboxing videos of their latest products hit YouTube and similar sites – but where can they start? The key to a good unboxing video is, well, a great box! A lot of the thrill of unboxing can come down to the packaging itself, and we know a thing or two about that. Here are the best ways to help encourage unboxing videos among your customers and help them go viral!

Design Unique Branded Boxes When Possible

Unboxing videos work best when the box is distinctive – not just an ordinary brown cardboard box that carriers deliver every day. When possible, explore ordering unique boxes that include your brand’s name, or logo, or some other approach that makes them distinctive. This also helps out in the long term as customers and viewers learn to recognize your unique boxes, building brand presence even more. You can even plan boxes that use your brand’s unique color combinations or patterns.

Use Eco-Friendly and Customer-Friendly Packing Materials

Packaging materials help keep your products safe, but they can also distract from unboxing videos, especially if they’re noisy plastic or messy foam particles. Look for packaging materials that are easy to remove and as aesthetic as possible.

One particularly popular packaging trend these days is going all-in on sustainable materials and non-plastic buffers. That could mean using paper ribbons to protect products like bottles (which can be easily lifted out of the ribbons without creating much of a mess. Of course, one of the masters of this approach is Apple, which uses very minimalistic cardboard boxes and packaging specifically designed to hold its products and included accessories in a beautiful way. While not everyone can make boxes like Apple does, you can still let their approach inspire you!

One thing to avoid, if possible, is awkward packaging that confines your product to the corner of a too-small box while the rest is taken up with bulky packing materials. Just because Amazon does it doesn’t mean it’s a good look. Instead, looking for packaging options that come in layers for plenty of protection and can be folded out during unboxing to unveil the product. For extra flair, you can even create your own customized tissue paper with your logo on it. Presentation can be very important!

Don’t Use Boxes? That’s All Right

Many growing businesses prefer to save money on packaging by avoiding boxes and using cheaper bags, padded mailers, and similar options. Those are still viable for unboxing videos, but you’ll need to give those content creators something to look forward to.

First, try to choose mailers that are easy to open. When possible, avoid making unboxers get out their scissors, at least at first. Zip/tear strips are always a fun choice! Second, think about applying stickers or branded tape to your mailers so that the packaging still gives a sense of your brand. If this doesn’t work well on the outside of the mailer, think about binding it around your product on the inside.

Add in an Extra Gift

Make unboxing as interesting as possible and give customers an extra goody to get excited about at the same time. One option is to include a free product sample for a product associated with the purchase, or a sample that tends to be very popular among your customers. If that’s not a good fit for your business, think about including a card with a discount code, or even a simple thank you note with a template that can be personalized a little for the buyer.

When in Doubt, Hold Your Own Unboxing

Creating your own unboxing video of your brand’s best products is a useful practice for several reasons.

  • Your business gets firsthand looks at how easy (or difficult) it is to take a video of the unboxing process
  • It’s easier to spot small but important ways that packaging can be tweaked to make unboxing easier and more exciting
  • The videos can be used as explainer guides or other useful content that your brand can post online, kickstarting the unboxing trend for your business

Don’t Be Afraid to Mention Unboxing

Finally, if you really like the idea of making unboxing a part of your social strategy, don’t be afraid to ask. Mention on social media that you are interested if any fans have unboxing videos that they’d like to share, or would be interested in making an unboxing video. Your business can also take it a step further and work with an influencer for an arranged unboxing video that the influencer will post to their own blog (anything from direct payment to free products can be offered in these partnerships). The bottom line is that your brand doesn’t have to sit and hope for an unboxing video to be made when you can take proactive action.

Can a Fulfillment Center Help with Unboxing Strategies?

Absolutely! Sherpack offers customized kitting for special events as well as customized packing options via our vendors for all kinds of specialized boxes and packing. We are also happy to consult with you on how to choose the right packaging option and balance packaging costs with value for your customer. Additionally, we can help your business put together subscription boxes, which make particularly strong choices for unboxing videos and can maximize viewer interest!