How we helped Studio Banana launch a new product

Studio Banana is a cutting-edge design firm based out of Spain. Studio Banana needed a fulfillment company that would help launch a new product, OSTRICHPILLOW, a sleeping device designed for a more comfortable napping experience. Studio Banana expected OSTRICHPILLOW to be highly innovative and popular, so they had to be careful when choosing a fulfillment company.

After Studio Banana approached Sherpack, we established a slow and steady relationship based on trust. Instead of rushing Studio Banana, we became whatever Studio Banana needed us to be at any given time. We would only provide services they needed immediately. We let them use us several times for specific purposes before forming a full-on relationship.

Fulfillment can be extremely nerve-wracking for a company, especially when a new and promising product is at stake. We decided to take our time and earn Studio Banana’s trust – in the hopes of developing a full and confident relationship in the future.

By giving Studio Banana room to breathe and use Sherpack as needed, they were able to be methodical with the launch of OSTRICHPILLOW.

Since its launch, Studio Banana products have achieved international success and esteem. OSTRICHPILLOW has been featured in top media outlets and art museums. Sherpack is now the hub of all fulfillment for Studio Banana.


  • To launch a new product, OSTRICHPILLOW.


  • Building a relationship slowly – built on trust.
  • Providing one service at a time – on an as-needed basis.


  • Used Amazon, Shopify, direct orders.
  • Migrated to Sherpack’s WMS.


  • OSTRICHPILLOW is a thriving retail product.
  • OSTRICHPILLOW is globally recognized by Conde Nast, Traveller, Mashable, and others.
  • Studio Banana advanced their business because of Sherpack.

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