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Duke Cannon

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How we grew with
Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is a grooming supply company that proposes to make “superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men.” When Duke Cannon first reached out to Sherpack, they had just one pallet of product. These few boxes of soap formed a partnership that has evolved with the vision and aspirations of both companies.

Sherpack began with a simple goal that has grown into a model of business: to create a stress-free fulfillment process that would allow Duke to focus on building other areas. We took that relationship one step at a time.

Instead of encouraging subscription to a list of unneeded services, we provided solutions based on their needs. Many services and systems we now provide to other clients were developed as a result.

With Sherpack, Duke Cannon has gone from one pallet of product to thousands of pallets with over a hundred SKUs. They’ve gone from fulfilling ten orders a week, to up to thousands of orders per day. Alongside their success, we’ve developed new ways of doing business. We couldn’t be more proud of this partnership: just one example of how a tailor-made fulfillment process can make a difference for everyone involved.

Client needs

  1. Move 1 pallet of soap

Our solution

  1. Providing one service at a time – on an as-needed basis.
  2. Create a stress-free 3PL process


  1. Used Amazon, Shopify, and direct ordering
  2. Migrated to Sherpack’s WMS


  1. Grow business to fulfill thousands of orders per week
  2. Manage over 100 SKUs for brand
close-up of multiple duke cannon products in packages

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