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Custom Kitting Services

We specialize in custom kitting and assembly services– anything from gift sets to custom bundles.

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Custom Kitting Fulfillment Services


What to Expect from Our Kitting Warehouse

If you’re like most business owners, your top priorities are streamlining operations and maximizing efficiencies. That’s why brands like yours are turning to Sherpack for kitting, bundling, and light assembly services. Through our custom kitting and bundling solutions, our warehouse crew picks, packs, and assembles individual products to create one beautifully bundled, ready-to-ship package. Not only will you save on labor costs and time when you outsource kitting services to Sherpack, but you’ll also enjoy unbeatable savings on shipping fees.

Warehouse Kitting Service and Fulfillment

A thoughtful and well-executed subscription box packaging strategy is vital to making a lasting impression on customers and generating repeat business. From customized packaging designs to efficient shipping practices, our team will work closely with your business to create a seamless packaging and shipping experience. Streamline the fulfillment processes by leaving your subscription box fulfillment to us!

Assembly and Kitting Services

Subscription box packaging isn’t just about packing and delivering, it’s also about creating a unique unboxing experience that reflects your brand’s personality and values. Well-designed packaging creates a sense of excitement and anticipation when receiving a box and enhances the customer experience. They also help set your brand stand out from competitors and in a crowded marketplace by creating a distinctive brand identity. Our subscription box fulfillment services will ensure your boxes are unique, memorable, and delivered on time for an affordable price.

Kitting Services for E-Commerce Brands

Get the Service Your Business Deserves

Are you ready for your brand to receive profitable sales, save on costs, and increase customer satisfaction? Get in touch with our industry experts who know the ins and outs of kitting better than anyone! Contact us today for a consultation or request a quote.

Custom Packaging and Kitting

Our packing procedures are built for you. Our vendors can provide you with packaging solutions for PDQ’s, customized kits, gift boxes and much more.

Holiday Wholesale Kits

We understand building new kits for the holiday season can be a stressful process. Your trail guide will work with you from step one making sure your holiday kit is exactly the way you want, from retail packaging to assembling the kit, we are here to help make it a success.

Project Consultation

We partner with the best vendors that will serve your specific needs. Our Fulfillment Guides coordinate the entire process to achieve whatever you need – at the best prices.

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Sherpack always goes above And beyond what we ask.

Whether it’s a routine shipment, or something that has to go out right away for a really important customer. They are always responsive and make sure that the job is done right, and quickly. It never seems like we’re putting them out when we ask for them to put together big orders, or to get an order out when it’s close to closing time. We appreciate their product fulfillment solutions and the relationship we have with them!

Christina | Duke Cannon

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The process of selecting an American fulfillment and shipping partner was challenging, but we were happy to find Sherpack.

They were small enough to handle processing entire truckloads in a matter of hours. We are proud to say that over a year into our partnership with Sherpack and thousands of shipments later, we have not been notified of even one single outbound shipping error. This is on par with the excellence we require in order to meet the high customer expectations in today’s competitive business landscape and this gives us the confidence that we can continue to scale with Sherpack for many years to come.”

Alex Gilbert | President, BrightCare Direct

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