What to Expect from Sherpack Support: Our Philosophy

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What to Expect from Sherpack Support: Our Account Management Philosophy

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Our new clients tend to have plenty of questions about what kind of support we offer, how our account management practices work, and generally how easy it is to reach us, ask questions, or find out a specific detail. We wanted to take a moment and talk about our account management philosophy at Sherpack, and how your team can find exactly what they are looking for with our highly adaptable, human-oriented approach.

The Sherpack Account Management Approach

At Sherpack, close account management is at the heart of our business model, and we value working one-on-one with every one of our clients so they understand exactly what is happening and what to expect – especially when logistics start growing more complicated or particularly busy shipping times approach.

Our goal is to make every client feel like they are our only client, regardless of size. We don’t give less time to a growing business just because it may be smaller or have simpler fulfillment needs than others – everyone deserves a fulfillment plan adapted directly to their needs with attention to the details.

Also, while technology may be excellent for seamless tracking or sending important alerts, we know sometimes nothing is better than talking with a person that’s on-site, right now, to access the information you need to make key decisions. That’s why we work to keep our teams constantly updated, human to human, about how operations are going and what information may be useful to clients.

The Sherpack Trail Guide Solution

At the heart of our client support is our team of Trail Guides. Our account managers earn these titles because they are experts at finding the right fulfillment path for each one of our clients. Every Trail Guide keeps in constant, headset-based contact with our warehouse throughout the day, so they get consistent updates from those with eyes on your inventory. That means they’re ready to respond with the latest information, can help clients plan for upcoming changes, and are able to quickly check on the status of a certain storage or shipping situation.

Our Trail Guides also meet with our operations team and office operations staff each week to ensure everyone is on the same page and every client is getting that personal level of care we strive for. This direct contact allows us to keep everyone focused on our most important goals and address any issues that may arise in a timely manner!

When your business is ready to work with us, you will be connected with a Trail Guide of your own to help you find the right fulfillment package for your current – and future – shipping needs. Your Trail Guide can help work through logistics details, and go over your company’s own goals for shipping. Together, you can work out solutions such as:

  • Finding ways to save money on storage and shipping
  • Changing your shipping strategy to make it easier to offer free shipping
  • Expand your delivery offerings into new regions
  • Offer customized or more eco-friendly packaging
  • Bundle products or subscription boxes together with ease
  • And much more

How Our Trail Guides Have Helped Clients in the Past

Let’s take a look at a few specific ways that our Trail Guides have helped previous clients find solutions that enabled their new shipping strategies, pulled right from our case studies!

Helping Duke Cannon Expand Their Inventory: When Duke Cannon first began working with us, it had one pallet of a men’s grooming product – a soap designed for hard-working men – to manage…but the company also had ambitious plans to grow. Working with Sherpack, Duke Cannon was able to find shipping strategies that allowed the business to expand from that single pallet to thousands of pallets and more than a hundred SKUs – without getting stuck in a logistics hellhole. In this particular case, we also enabled the digital side of their growth by migrating their data over to our Warehouse Management System and using solutions from Amazon, Shopify, and direct orders to handle growing numbers of customers.

Preparing Studio Banana for a New Product Launch: Spanish design firm Studio Banana wanted to go slow for third-party fulfillment – and that was fine with us! The firm had as long as it needed to try out specific Sherpack services, explore the value they added to the company, and make the next strategic designs. As Studio Banana grew more comfortable with Sherpack’s solutions, we were able to orchestrate the launch of an innovative new sleeping product, OSTRICHPILLOW. The launch and related shipping strategy worked so well, we are now the hub for all of Studio Banana’s fulfillment…and a broad product reach.

Giving TOOLETRIES  the Expansion Solution They Wanted: Australian company TOOLETRIES was ready to expand their line of men’s accessories and grooming products to the United States – but they needed a third-party fulfillment center to help manage this big step of international distribution. Sherpack was able to find the cost-effective solutions that TOOLETRIES was looking for with an efficient USPS shipping arrangement and integration with their services. As a result, the company enjoyed both cost efficiencies and a presence in retail stores across the United States.

Finding Out More

Are you ready to see what Sherpack can offer your business? We suggest starting with our consultation process, where we can answer any important shipping rate questions you may have, work out the details for linking our data systems together and find the right setup for your inventory management. When we have a plan that hits all your shipping goals, we can prepare a packaging test to make sure the packaging you have in mind is safe for both our facility and the shipping process. To get started you can reach out to one of our (very) human professionals for a quote, schedule a 15-minute phone call with a consultant, or call us directly!