Men's Grooming Company Increases Direct to Consumer Business

Men’s Grooming Company

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Sherpack Helps Men’s Grooming Company Reduce Shipping Cost and Increase Direct to Consumer Business

A men’s grooming company has had a strong online presence but wanted to increase sales through its e-commerce website. However, they were holding back marketing due to concerns about the high shipping cost associated with direct-to-consumer sales, and they continued to have low profit margins in that channel of their business. That’s when the company turned to Sherpack for help.

Sherpack worked closely with the company to understand its needs and goals and developed a customized shipping and fulfillment plan that would enable the company to increase the sales of its products directly to consumers at a reasonable cost.

First, Sherpack analyzed the company’s shipping data to identify areas where costs could be reduced. Sherpack recommended that the company take advantage of Sherpack’s discounted rates with multiple carriers, which provided immediate savings. Sherpack also discovered several inefficient shipping methods that were causing higher costs per shipment. Sherpack was able to shift 30% of the companies’ shipments away from standard ground and into a ‘smartpost’ platform that still delivered within tracking numbers and within the desired shipping timelines.  Those changes helped reduce the average cost per shipment by $1.23.

To further optimize the shipping process, Sherpack worked with the men’s grooming company to streamline its packaging and labeling processes. They created custom packaging that would protect the products during shipping while also reducing the size and weight of each package. This helped lower shipping costs even further.

Finally, Sherpack implemented a fulfillment strategy that would enable the men’s grooming company to ship products quickly and efficiently.  They developed a process for quickly and efficiently picking and packing orders as they came in. By leveraging Sherpack’s technology and expertise, the men’s grooming company was able to efficiently fulfill orders and provide a great customer experience for their direct-to-consumer sales channel.

Ultimately, thanks to Sherpack’s expertise and customized solutions, the men’s grooming company was able to successfully increase marketing and drive additional sales to the now, much more profitable direct-to-consumer channel. By reducing shipping costs, the company was able to offer competitive pricing and improve its profit margins. Overall, Sherpack helped the Men’s Grooming company achieve its goals and grow its business.

Client needs

  1. Reduce shipping costs
  2. Improve margins for direct-to-consumer sales

Our solution

  1. Shift 30% of shipments away from standard ground and into a ‘smartpost’ platform
  2. Use Sherpack’s discounted rates with carriers
  3. Develop new packaging to reduce the size and weight of shipments
  4. Follow new pick-and-pack process


  1. Reduced the average cost per shipment by $1.23
  2. Improved profitability for direct-to-consumer channel
  3. Put shipment savings towards marketing to increase sales
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