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How we partnered with

TOOLETRIES is an innovative men’s grooming/accessories storage company devoted to bringing calm, serenity, and organization to men’s bathrooms – and lives. After becoming highly successful in their native Australia, TOOLETRIES desired to move their products to America and sell on the U.S. market. They sought a fulfillment provider that would help them grow their company presence overseas and achieve further international success.

Sherpack helped TOOLETRIES expand by offering advice and counsel about fulfillment and fulfillment kitting services in the U.S. With knowledge comes power, and with power comes a greater advantage in tackling new obstacles head-on. We provided insight for TOOLETRIES so they could take care of the rest – and do what they do best.

TOOLETRIES can now be found in major retail outlets across the U.S. Their consumer sales are steadily increasing. Sherpack is honored to have partnered with an excellent company to help them expand their business here in the U.S with our cosmetics 3PL and men’s grooming fulfillment services.

Client needs

  1. Services for success in the U.S. market.
  2. Education on U.S. fulfillment process.
  3. Integration with USPS.

Our solution

  1. Integration with Tooletries shopping cart to find best shipping rates
  2. Provided knowledge of U.S. fulfillment.
  3. Ensuring the best rates and packaging solutions for their needs.


  1. USPS


  1. TOOLETRIES now found in major retailers in the U.S.
  2. Saved money – to grow the rest of their business.
  3. Further knowledge.
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